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Re: How do you calculate the dominant planets in a birth chart?

Originally Posted by AppLeo View Post
If you use whole sign house system, I think your Sun is pretty strong. It's in the first house, widely conjunct ascendant, in a day chart, exalted in Aries, and a benefic is conjunct it.
I keep it in mind, in fact because in the first method I learned to calculate dominants from a traditional astrologer he talked about 10 degrees between the angles taking into account first AC, then MC and then the rest, this method with placidus. But, it is not very different from the result by you approach it in the whole house system. In this method the dominant is the sun and its co-dominants Jupiter and the moon.

Precisely you helped me in the other thread my natal chart and I thank you, as well as Jupiterasc and Elena. But I use placidus, do you know how to interpret it with placidus?

With almuten I don't feel like I have dominant Saturn, I have saturnine things no doubt, but as dominant I don't see it. I am very optimistic, I like the public. I think my energy is more solar, martian or jupiterian, maybe even Uranian.
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