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Re: How do you calculate the dominant planets in a birth chart?

I found this to be the most in-depth technique

It's a long and frustrating video to watch though.

For me, I use a basic list and assign points.

1. Ruler of the Chart: This is likely enough to determine if the planet is the most dominant. The ruler the chart speaks volumes to a person's approach to life and should never be overlooked. I give the chart ruler 2 points, and the MC ruler one point.

Also, the ruler of the chart can only be a traditional planet.

2. Chart Sect: If it's a day chart, Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter get a point. Night chart, Moon, Venus, and Mars get a point.

3. Angularity: Planets on the angles, or in angular houses get a point. Planets in cadent houses lose a point.

4. Dignity: Planets that are domicile, exalted, detriment, debilitated get a point.

5. Emphasis: This a bit subjective, but what feels like a dominant planet? Is the planet all alone in a particular hemisphere, not aspecting anything, or making many aspects.


If you take my chart for example, I have Capricorn Rising so Saturn gets a point. Mars rules my 10th house.
Saturn: 2
Mars: 1

I have a day chart.
Saturn: 3
Sun: 1
Jupiter: 1

Angularity: Venus and Mars in 7th house, Saturn conjunct IC, Moon in 9th, Jupiter in 3rd
Venus: 1
Mars: 1
Moon: -1
Jupiter: 0
Saturn: 4

Dignity: Sun in Leo, Mars in Cancer, Jupiter in Pisces
Sun: 2
Mars: 2
Jupiter: 1

Emphasis: Mars is exactly conjunct descendant, Saturn makes tight aspects to both Sun and Moon
Mars: 3
Saturn: 5

Based on this, I'd say Saturn in my most dominant planet.
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