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Re: What sign activates 'lazy' Venus in Taurus

Originally Posted by WannaBeSag View Post
Thank you so much for your reply Ilene. You are very wise!

I think the Moon/Mars is a big one in this.

I’d love to hear how I could channel the positive traits of this moon/mars to help my Venus. Or neutralise this extreme energy.
You are very kind and you are welcome.

Mars is your source of energy, and it is strong: right there on the midheaven. But it is not able to function optimally because it is positioned in the uncomfortable sign of its fall, Cancer.

Your inner feeling life/Moon gets mixed up in Mars' inability to function optimally
as it, like Mars, also acts
from a place of strength by position on an angle and
from a place weakness by sign, in it detriment in Capricorn.

Further, Moon and Mars reside in a field of conflicting energy, opposing each other and in mutual reception [look up the definition].

These are all interesting combinations of strengths and weaknesses, like all humans are.

Mutual reception inextricably reinforces or binds Moon Mars together in their respective inabilities to function optimally. They can function, and they can function pretty well, but the cannot really function optimally.
All that I describe astrologically here you already know; you just wrote a description of it in your last post.

And I will return to this matter: there is not way to compartmentalize and there is no way to neutralize the energies you describe. The only thing you can do is become very present with them when they come forth, get to know them very well. Be kind to those parts of yourself that are feeling the need for expression of laziness, disconnect and so on. Maybe in a quiet moment at home by yourself you might imagine asking those parts what they might need to feel more comfortable with engaging the world wholeheartedly and other parts of you truly wish to do. And then listen for a moment to see to what those parts, perhaps those younger parts or injured parts of you might say to you? You can do this all in your imagination, sitting quietly in your home for a few moments.

You can also track transiting hard hits from Sun Mars and Moon to see more clearly when this lazy/disconnect happens.

But again, however you choose, be aware of the old, deeply ingrained reactions/habits in you as they arise.
And then recall, remember, what you want, what really matters to you. And then do that.
Even in the presence of laziness and disconnect, let laziness and disconnect know that they are not your enemies. They can come along. But you, your larger whole Self, have other things you would like to do right now, too.

"You gotta have heart..." Richard Adler 1921-2012

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