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Re: What sign activates 'lazy' Venus in Taurus

Thank you so much for your reply Ilene. You are very wise!

I really like the idea of observing this aspect in action. My awareness so far of the behaviour: I can be lazy and justify not doing the work by obsessing over a daily upset. I obsess so much that I canít concentrate and go off on a tangent and exhaust myself. Then I have an urge to conserve my energy and protect myself and my emotions and then I need more rest.

Youíre so right: being aware of the times I might get triggered to flake away will help me make sure I have a solid schedule in place (that also allows for downtime, not only punishing workflows) because I yo-yo between being super harsh on myself (Moon in 27 Cap opposite Mars in 29 Cancer) VS chilling out as much as I can = Venus in Taurus

I think the Moon/Mars is a big one in this.

Iíd love to hear how I could channel the positive traits of this moon/mars to help my Venus. Or neutralise this extreme energy.
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