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Re: What sign activates 'lazy' Venus in Taurus

Originally Posted by WannaBeSag View Post
Hello all! I'd appreciate if you could take a look at my chart please.

I'm trying to understand where my tendency for comfort and laziness come from. (I actually have massive goals!) but I can be extremely unmotivated and try to weasel my way out my tasks and just procrastinate all day long not get active.

This usually shows up as an inability to focus on work, especially when something 'bad' is happening in my life that I can worry and obsess about instead.

How can I compartmentalise and just get on with it?

I think my Venus in taurus is partly responsible for this.

Which part of my chart can I use to activate my Venus in Taurus? Or, in general which characteristics can I use to get over this, which signs complement and activate Venus in Taurus?

Many thanks for looking!
Let's start with the second question first. To begin with, activating and complementing a placement are two different things. And I think in this matter what is required is activation: that you bring awareness to the behaviour that you don't want to do and then remember your wish, your desire, your intention, not to do it.

To bring awareness to the behaviour, which I do think may be connected to Venus in Taurus, I would follow the ephemeris and see when transiting Sun and Mars make hard aspects to your natal Venus. At these times, Venus in Taurus will be activated and you will likely be able to see it in action [or non-action, as the case may be, spoken to you by a Taurus Sun.] If you would like to observe and bring awareness to Venus in Taurus in action more frequently than what is shown by transiting Sun and Mars' squares, oppositions and conjunction to natal Venus, then check out the ephemeris and watch Moon make her hard hits to Venus.

All these transiting bodies [Sun, Moon, Mars] by challenging aspect will trigger Venus.

Now, back to the first question: "How can I just get on with it?"

Once you can actually see Venus in action, then you "just get on with it" by remembering what you want; making the choice that fulfills your wishes for yourself. And that is up to you to make that choice. There is no planet or planetary action that can make that choice for you.

But I will tell you that with some practice and commitment, a whole lot of patience and kindness towards yourself when you fail [and you will fail a number of times before you actually remember to do what you want], you CAN make that choice: to remember what you want.

If you really want it, eventually you will do it.

I am truly, truly wishing you the best.

"You gotta have heart..." Richard Adler 1921-2012
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