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What sign activates 'lazy' Venus in Taurus

Hello all! I'd appreciate if you could take a look at my chart please.

I'm trying to understand where my tendency for comfort and laziness come from. (I actually have massive goals!) but I can be extremely unmotivated and try to weasel my way out my tasks and just procrastinate all day long not get active.

This usually shows up as an inability to focus on work, especially when something 'bad' is happening in my life that I can worry and obsess about instead.

How can I compartmentalise and just get on with it?

I think my Venus in taurus is partly responsible for this.

Which part of my chart can I use to activate my Venus in Taurus? Or, in general which characteristics can I use to get over this, which signs complement and activate Venus in Taurus?

- I'm thinking that the sextile to Saturn in Cancer is important here but I don't know how.
- Even the Mercury in Cancer sextile can be helpful and again, it eludes me how.
- and the connection to Neptune has something to do with it. Is that a Yod? (I've never looking into this, but this is what I found: "The yod is the symbol of “special” accumulation of forces: special abilities, special karma and anything that can potentially take the person out of the rank of ordinary." Could this formation help?)
- Jupiter in Pisces helps me dig into my purpose of serving and helping others, which can activate me.
- Moon in Capricorn 28 degree can be activated by my opposing Mars 29 degree in Cancer. Activated in a good way hopefully, not an aggravating way. This is where things can combust. I need to activate the Capricorn 29th degree which is the strongest point for Mars. I can activate that with the 'good' energy from the combusted Mars in Cancer 29. It's what I have to work with.
- Libra ASC is beautiful together with Venus in Taurus, but I guess reinforces the ability to luxe and lounge. Not very hands-on.
- My sun connect south node in Gemini is something I came here to heal a few yours ago and it's been going well. I take my space now and take my time. I truly feel I deserve things on a soul level and not from a sense of entitlement. I don't think the Gemini sun has any input into this, only that it might make my dreams and goals a bit far out.

So the Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer placements are beneficial.

Am I on the right path?

Many thanks for looking!
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