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Re: Chiron in the 12th house.

Originally Posted by SunW View Post
The 12th house shows the events that happened when the native was in his or her mother's womb. It shows what happened to the mother when she was pregnant with the native.

I want to ask the people born with Chiron in the 12th house what happened to their mother when she was pregnant with them.

Chiron is not an active planet energy and chiron alone - does nothing. In 12th - just showing - a wound and a (self) -healing potential one has to discover- what can have been caused by outer circumstances. Aspects of planets and sign quality will show - what happened.

Having effected mother during her pregnancy - ruler of 4th house has to be connected with chiron and aspecting chiron. If ruler of 5th house - for me house of father - is envolved, it is more about own father. If 3rd house ruler - siblings - is envolved it might be about own siblings.

Connected with ruler of 11th house and 6th house a medical diagnose in hospital- during pregnancy might have been witnessed as a shock of own mother and afterwards stored in own subconsciousness.
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