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Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
I have two fall/detriment planets, one cardinal and one mutable. But house placement is also relevant. My cardinal signs are where my angular houses are, so anything there gets accidental dignity if not essential dignity.

The cardinal planet is Saturn, in Cancer, and it's my chart ruler, so yes, it's bound to be especially strong in my life. I'm less sure how my Venus in Virgo fits in. Strong? Weak? Some of both? It's also retrograde, which is another factor. My Saturn is direct.

Planets in fall or detriment can be strengths because we have to work on them. Their gifts don't come so easily and naturally. But the planets whose gifts do come easily and naturally are ones we can take for granted, get away with not working on, and then they might become a liability.
Just saw this Osamenor, I was gone for a couple months. I agree, the lessons learned, are more challenging. But, strength comes from them in the end.

Mine is in the 8th. Opposing Moon. Square Sun the Apex of a dissociate T-square.
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