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Smile Re: Transits of Chiron

Hercules also died from the Hydra's poisonous blood. Like Chiron, Hercules was half mortal, but his father was Zeus, who placed him in the sky as the constellation Hercules.

Chiron's mother was also a mortal, but his father was Cronus (Saturn to the Romans). After his death, Zeus/Jupiter placed him in the sky as the constellation Sagittarius.

Here's a variation: There are two constellations imaged as Centaurs, Sagittarius and Centaurus. Some say that Sagittarius honors Chiron, others say it's Centaurus.

The difference is, that Sagittarius is about archery, for which Chiron was renowned.

Centaurus holds a spear, instead of a bow, and Chiron was a hunter, as well as an archer.

So, it's a choice between the two!

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