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Smile Re: Transits of Chiron

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
In the ancient tales, Chiron betrayed his healing abilities by teaching warriors, including Hercules, archery for use in battle. As the half-mortal son of Saturn, god of misfortune, wise Chiron should have known enough to have been more careful, because it was Hercules, well known for his careless behavior, who accidentally shot him.

So, Chiron's fate is cautionary: Carefully consider your actions, lest you yourself become a victim of them.

Chiron is currently in Aries, so stay cool, and don't go losing your head!

And, c.t., be prepared to protect your wheat crop from fire damage.

I have to correct the statement that Chiron supplied the poison to Hercules, so I've removed it from this post.

However, in addition to healing, Chiron DID teach Hercules and other Greek heroes archery for use in combat.
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