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Re: mars in cancer- stress and depression

Ciao Mind if I put two cents into this thread?

What I noticed about the people who have the sign of Cancer as the Mars placement is this need to protect what it is that they deem to be personal onto them, especially if it had to do with family members or even very close friends but again it is whoever they deemed to be close to them (even if they do not like someone. It is like ďI can talk ill of them but you cannot sort of thingĒ). I get a really territorial sort of feeling from this placement. It is like they would be the sort of people if put in a friend group setting, they would not be so open to a new person coming into this group because it would be an unfamiliar sort of energy to them. Also I always got a poking the bear sort of feeling from these people because they can get so angry or just really aggressive out of nowhere (like scary angry but Iím not scared because Iím used to combativeness). It isnít sporadic, it is definitely...a build up but an unnecessary build up because a lot of stuff I find that they get upset about makes no sense (that is just my own perspective. Maybe cause I have such a strange way that I handle things lol). However, this defensiveness that a cancer Mars person has, I donít feel like it would just be there just to be there but it had developed into that throughout their life somehow.
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