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Re: Lilith conjunct ascendant

Im a man with Lilith conj ASC Scorpio.
Im pluto diminant and girls see me as something scary, while women see me as something attractive. The girls i`ve dated were always first accepting my invitation, but when we meet they get all this wrong scary vibes from me and the conversations become really uncomfortable and i just dont force nothing more and tell them "Goodbye". And im not seductive, nor a womanizer. But with women its something more pleasing. They want me, search for my company. I like my lilith, because he makes me handsome, but i have problems with datings, because girls see`s me as an seductive person and that only in their heads and imagination. There are women who see in me a "one-night stand", but i dont that kind of things. I even think of them as immoral, because i believe in giving your love, time and body only to the person you are in a relationship. Its funny when i see women who both want me and are scared of me... But, hey, what can i do. I can control myself, but not people`s image of me.
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