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Re: mars in cancer- stress and depression

Originally Posted by Yutah View Post
Does mars cancer have other characteristics than being very emotional?
Mars is the planet of energetic activity and assertivity,
Cancer is the Water element sign of expression of feeling.
Put Mars in Cancer and you get an effect of a red hot poker in water.

It can activate a strong stirring of inner feeling that can act positively or negatively, depending upon how hot or cold the water in the inner cauldron is.

Excellent towards releasing perspiration through steam from any sport activity, followed by a shower or the sauna.

Anything that 'warms the tummy', like a hot water bottle, or can be cuddled and embraced, or punched, like a bag, pillow or favourite soft toy. Especially when upset and steaming inside.... and is better than 'hitting out in response' or reaching out for the popcorn or ice cream for the comfort effect.

It will probably prefer hot,spicy food in preference to cucumbers in a cold salad.

It can create an active imagination through what it feels 'is', rather than what manifested events show or not show to be actually physically occuring (opposite Capricorn influences?).

It can have an impounding effect on gender factors. The male in the female or vice-versa, as well as that in the other which sets off the feelings.

If feelings are blocked through other factors, it can eventually open the water tap, that can turn into a waterfall.

If harshly aspected and in an astrological house concerned with physical health, watch out for the warning signs of impeding danger.

How Mars acts can depend a lot upon how Cancer's ruler, the moon, is situated.

Another Mars in Cancer.
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