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Re: Unsure what to do with my life..

Originally Posted by Bloodmoon View Post
Iíve felt unsure on what is my true calling for many years. I went from dentist as a child, to ballerina (too short) to drawer, to poet, to councillor, to writer, to journalist, to psychologist, to librarian...
I have had an interest in art therapy and considered that along with aromatherapy and a dietician. I have learning disorders. I get social work, dietician, animal work and psychologist a lot on career websites.
I donít want to be a boss as someone said I should be by my Pluto in Scorpio.. I canít relate to anything that says about me
Saturn has a lot to say about your career in this chart. He's on the Ascendant, very angular, rules the 12th Part of your MC, and is in his own domicile. So no matter what you do Saturnian undertones will always be there.

Saturn rules the poor and careers that have to do with the people lowest on the social pyramid. This could either indicate being one of them or working closely with them. Social work could be an interesting expression of this, but with you being born at night, I'm not sure how fulfilling you'll find that. Saturn prominent like this could also give massive roadblocks in career fulfillment.

Of the three major planets indicating career (Venus, Mars, and Mercury) Venus is in the 4th sign, in her own domicile in a night chart. Venusian careers should be pretty good for you. Venus rules the arts obviously, but since she's in Taurus near an exalted Moon, she can also be talking about things involving nature and the beauty of nature. Of course the 4th is also the house of the land and the Moon rules the 6th of small animals. How do you feel about a career involving animals and wildlife, or maybe something involving plants?

Your MC ruler is Mars in Pisces in the 2nd. Your Lot of Work is in Pisces as well. This doesn't speak to you making loads of money from whatever it is you decide to do. What you do career wise is going to have to be for passion rather than for money as the financial stability just doesn't seem to be there. Mars in Pisces could also speak to having multiple careers, but the Venus-Moon stuff is always going to be a background them in all of them.

I'd go for something aesthetic or something involving the natural world, and it would have to be something that you do for its own sake rather than for the money it provides.
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