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Re: My chart. Mentally illness in family and abuse

Originally Posted by ToltecLearn View Post
This is a hobby for me so let me see...!

First you have saturn in cancer which could suggest some limitations, restriction, responsabilites with something family related

you also have saturn square uranus which again is in cancer could suggest instability (uranus) in a cancer (family) enviroment

also saturn is in 8th this could suggest that your intensiveness could put you in trouble and restricted situations, also it could suggest that with time (saturn) you will control your intensiveness in such areas and do it in a logical and practical way

then again you have more harsh aspects than soft aspects which most of the times suggest life with difficulties,

you have saturn and mercury conjuct in a stellium your 8th house in cancer which could suggest you have to put intensive (8th) mind (mercury ) in your family (cancer) as a responsability (saturn), that responsability could be coming from something began as a intensive passionate situation or

might be as scorpio ruler of 8th sometimes likes going deep into the dark waters thats why you might had choosed your ex he might had been a bad boy

you have neptune in 1th house and leo asc, you might be extroverted but at the same time might look naive

you have a mars in taurus so you might stick to your guns in passionate love, and you could see this area as a duty (6th) and a routine to take care of diligently

jupiter in 5th makes you a really big fun loving person and i think being in aries could exacerbate this situation, you could really love to have fun in a big way, and sometimes not thinking in what could go wrong (some sagittarius tendencies, jupiter)

obviously jupiter in 5th could mean too that you like to express yourself in a fun open big time way creatively

so yeah all this positions could mean a lot of different things... im just saying the part that could be the most similar to your situation

its a hobby i like to practice
Thank you, i think you did a really good job :-) Yes I agree that this Saturn has been messing up so much for me :-( Currently I have also noticed that there are some transits with Saturn opposite Sun and Sun opposite Saturn which effect me very negatively. I hope they will end soon.

My ascendant sign is Scorpio, not Leo. I am introverted at first sight. Around new people I am quiet, I sit an observe and I have had lots of comments about my eyes. People say they are intense and even sexual even though I try not be. North Node is in Scorpio and I have a stellium in 8th house. Maybe that is why I go through really dramatic changes in my life from time to time.

You picked up on Jupiter in 5 th house in Aries! Around my kids I am very extroverted. I laugh a lot, tease with them and play with them. I love to be around children and even animals. They have a healing effect on me.
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