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Re: Why am I attracted to younger men?

Originally Posted by ashriia View Post
A possible reason for this, is your 8th house cusp is in Gemini. Mercury rules youth. So Virgo and Gemini influences can lead to being attracted to younger persons. 8th rules sexuality so sexual attraction to those younger.
Typically a woman, finds men that embody her mars most attractive. Generally that is characteristics. But for sexual attraction you can study sign on 8th cusp.
Thank you, I did know that my 8th cusp is in Gemini but I had no idea that it could have any influence. I thought that when you have no planets in the 7th house you are supposed to look at the 6th house and see what you have there. And there I have Taurus in Mars.

My Venus is in Virgo.

Well in my 8th house I have Sun, Mercury and Saturn.

As I said I have Mars in Taurus. Apart from younger men I am very attracted physically to men who are good with their hands. For example if they are carpenters, constructors, mechanics or just very practical. I think that is super masculine and very hot.

Interesting to read your input :-)
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