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Re: My chart. Mentally illness in family and abuse

Originally Posted by Aniko View Post
This is my chart that i downloaded from Cafe Astrology. Please take a look and comment if you like :-)

I have had a pretty tough life with a mother who was mentally ill, a brother who was mentally ill as well, I have had issues with eating-disorders and self-harm when I was young.

I adored my father who was extremely kind to me but he died when I was 17.

At 25 I changed religion and got married to a man younger than me. He was unfortunately a narcissist and addicted to gambling. Also cheated a lot on me. And he beat me. We have 3 boys together.

I left him 3 years ago. My marriage left me with tons of debts because my ex pushed me into borrowing money which he lost on gambling or on bad investments.

I don't know if I believe in predictive astrology but I sure could need some positive input about my future especially about love or money. I struggle with depressions and anxiety and I dont have a good connection with my family.
But I would like to know if any of the things I told you is reflected in my chart and if so what?

Born 24th of July 1975 in Huddinge, Sweden at 15:12

First, I commend you on getting out of an abusive marriage! that is one of the most difficult things to do. And you should be very proud of yourself for doing so. It takes tremedous courage!

There needs to be alot of healing after abuse. its not an easy road-- especialy when you also have a predisposition to depression. I hope you are taking care of yourself first and foremost. An issue with having an aquarius moon is finding a way to seek out drama/chaos when things get too quiet. Just be very mindful of the people you are bringing into your life when you are dealing with depression.
Energy usually attracts similar energy. With your north node in your 1st house, your karmic path for this life---is to focus on yourself, how can you be the best you? take others out of the equation. It has to be about you. Dust off the neglected parts of yourself. do things that bring you happiness. follow your passions.
I am not saying don't have relationships. But try to be at a stable/healthy place first, so no matter how love goes you are good no matter what.
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