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Re: Unsure what to do with my life..

Originally Posted by virghoe View Post
I also have Pluto in Scorpio! I think that placement points to work where you're your own boss and work independantly. That is usually the case for the jobs that you mentionned, so that's a good start.
Everyone born between 1984 and 1994 has Pluto in Scorpio, as do some born in 1983 or 1995-96. How likely is it that ALL of that cohort needs to be their own boss?

Furthermore, the OP said she does not want to be her own boss. Astrological advice is no good if it doesn't take the actual person's actual desires into account.

For Bloodmoon, the question is, what kinds of work have you tried so far? What educational qualifications do you have? Since you mentioned a learning disorder, what effect do you see that having on how you work?

It's no good to pick a career that "works" with your chart if it doesn't actually work for you. The place to start is with your real world experience and qualifications and interests, not with cookbook astrology.
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