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Originally Posted by nadyak View Post
I m so drawn to this topic,

So I m born on 26.02.1988 at 04.00 pm in Sofia/Bulgaria

I met a guy that is younger then me with 13 years / he has the most weird natal chart that is bugging me a lot, 21/dec/2000 at 7:00 pm sofia/bulgaria

He has a big stellium with the most famine planets in 7th house including Lilith, first thing i saw in him is that he has addiction of women, he is drawn by them no matter how they look.
At the same time he is jealous abusive to me
I have Lilith conj Asd Leo

No idea how to deal with him

He is crazy

I have never found a way to solve destructive relationships. The only solution for me is to say goodbye and move on. So that is what my advice would be.

My father has Lilith conjunct Neptune in the 7th house. Lilith squares his ascendant. He has mistreated several people with a prominent Lilith.

My closest friends all have either Lilith conjunct an angle or conjunct the NN or SN. I am in a relationship now with a man who has Lilith conjunct Mars and Venus. He accepts me and loves me and we have a harmonious relationship.
I recently discovered that a man who has contacted me about once per year for the last ten years has Lilith on the NN. He does not know me but he tells me that he is certain that I am the right woman for him. He probably feels like “Lilith” is his destiny. My Asc-Lilith-Neptune is on his Lilith. When I was a teenager I dated someone for two years who had deep feelings for me, he has Lilith conjunct Mercury and Sun.

It seems that Lilith people are the only type of people I can have healthy and long lasting relationships with. When I study the charts of other people I see the same pattern.
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