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Re: Will I find love in 2018?

Originally Posted by Invicta View Post
I met someone!! Ha.. He was sorta in my contacts but we hadnít met yet and I had no intention to pursue him. Indeed he is not exactly my ideal man, but for some reason I felt very good in his presence and quite bubbly and open, which I usually am not.
So, of course, I jumped the gun and asked if Iím gonna marry him 😂😂🤦*♀️🤦*♀️ You donít have to say it, I already think it myself lolol.

Ha ha lol only just seen this....your as bad as me you are.

Im definitely not seeing no marriage here....why ? Jup/6th, moon/sun (good)...but then moon/saturn = dead end.
Y@ur 3ner9y intr@duc3s 7ou B3fore y@u even sp3@k
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