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Re: Will I find love in 2018?

Wow... thank you so much to both of you for such ample responses! I must confess that you got me... I did read your replies 2 days ago but it was too painful for me to come back here. Yes, I was disappointed. You read the situation correctly. It was a dream and I fell flat on my face when it ended. Since then I tried getting back in the game but the men I encountered were unsuited, for lack of a better word. I wasn't able to become attracted to someone or maintain an interest in them for more than a few days. I guess the older I get, the higher the standards. When I asked the question, yes, I had a relationship in mind, but I was more wondering if I will ever feel that joy and hope of being in love again, of a worthy partner (haha yes, Moon is exalted alright and Mars knows exactly what he brings to the table!). Then I take a look at Venus and roll my eyes lol. Venus is not what I would consider as a partner. She may rule over Moon but nah.. I want a man on my level. I won't make compromises. For now I'm rocking it on my own and I don't feel lonely at all. I have hobbies and interests and curiosities and passions, not to mention a career. Yeah, I do feel a bit insecure about my looks (I'm a tad overweight) but overall I know what I'm about and what I want. If he's not it, I'm not going in. I also think I haven't really healed my past disappointment... and I wasn't aware of it. It was painful having it brought up but I am grateful that you did. Clearly I need to take care of it first, before I consider dating seriously.
So thank you again so much, Breeze and Vyri! I'll update if there are changes (I am curious about the Moon-Venus trine but so far nothing!)

PS: Vyri, yes, I do have something in late Aries (Mars)!
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