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Re: Will I find love in 2018?

I understand the question as "will I get into relationship in 2018?"

Based on this., I wld, say you are not likely to get into a relationship in 2018.

Moon is in good condition, but Venus is under combustion. In order to perfect matters, the applied to planet shd. Be in good condition. Plus., Moon does not receive Venus from her detriment.

Having said that, there are some points cathcing my attention.

Mars is in the 7th., yes, you want a Relation, but Mars is in its sign. Moon is in the 1st. , and in its exaltation, and the Moon's last aspect was to Saturn. I wonder if querent has gone through a separation recently or some dissappointment about a man recently and she is now trying to protect to herself from any possible future heart breaks with being mars in its sign and moon its exaltation.
Mars-moon opposition, well... Mind says relationship, feeling says you are much more better on your own. Plus, Moon has just moved out from sun's exaltation, Aires and then she popped into her exaltation. This gives me the impresion that querent was so attracted to a man some time ago, but sun ( his male part for example like providing protection ) dissapointed teh querent

If above is accurute, than this chart may well be talking about a past love. I think AC in late degrees also confirms this chart is about a past love issue. So, may be you'd better ask some time later.

Wishing you the best.
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