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Re: the worst synastry aspects ?

Originally Posted by bittermoon View Post
i love it how the universe can be oh so helpful sometimes

I notice when I have the same synastry aspects over and over with the men I date I feel there is a karmic lesson involved. I usually attract some kind of hard aspect from Saturn to either my Sun, Moon, or ASC from the men I date. Definitely a lesson to be learned!! Saturn is my nemesis but also is my Sun ruler. Robert Hand told me this in a reading once that Saturn in hard aspect to Sun/Moon/ASC can be very rejecting(mostly to the ASC) and to the Moon and Sun, there is a feeling of fatedness but eventually ambivalence will develop between the couple and sometime coldness and disapproval. It's very difficult to overcome Saturn hard aspects to these planets and usually the harshness develops the longer you are together.
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