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Will X respond to the email (and will it be positive?)

I hope the attached chart works.

This is a former lover of mine with whom I separated last year due to difficult circumstances. I just emailed him requesting a cautious reconciliation.

I have traditionally used House 7 for him, not 5th. I am Mercury and he is Jupiter Rx. Lilly says that if the significators of the two -people- (I believe) apply by trine then the communication will come about.

Moon in 1st in sextile to Mars (3rd sig) in 11th is exact, but this may represent my -desire- to make this happen. Moon, however, applies by square to me. Mars also applies by square to Jupiter, his sig, although he is Rx in 3rd of communications, and this is where I get lost with the whole thing!

Help, anyone? Thanks!

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