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Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post
Yes. It's already the case for employees of airports in some european countries. (they are invited to leave, with or without return planned.) In china people who are for example the boss of a restaurant don't have any clients right now. A lot of projects are canceled for freelance people working at home like me because start ups or new companies (most of our clients) have problems.

In Italy, all clothes shops, cinemas, museums, events are closed.
Almost all will be closed excepted food shops, pharmacies and hospitals.
(vital needs) - And I think quarantine will start in france next week or month

Of course this is a Pluto/Saturn thing.
Pluto/Saturn conjunction was here when HIV appeared.
Pluto/Saturn was here when the Spanish flu was discovered by a doctor. (2-3 years before the real spreading)

But now we have Jupiter and Mars too in Capricorn.
Mars rules infectious quick things, and Jupiter expand what it touches.

When Saturn will enter Aquarius, we will have our individual freedoms restricted more and more. Capricorn represent the government like it was in the past. Aquarius will be a new time with new things, good, bad or both.
Wow!! This is madness scary and shocking but I can see your insights are amazing
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