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Re: Chatter and natter 😍😍

Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post
Yes, I think this is what I will do. I already wash my hands a lot (having hypocondria/nosophobia and OTC since several years helps when a rare pandemic come lol).
In this case I'm not affraid of coronavirus, or even death. I'm affraid of hospitals and needles ^^'. This is the only reason I really want to stay healthy

Do you have some tips to boost immune system?
Ahaha. Needles are a huge no for me as well, so I can relate. Don't like hospitals either....

For immunity support: Vitamin C. You can eat tasty citrus fruits, I do that everyday and my track record is sick once a year. Oranges, Grapefruit, Clementines are small and really sweet.

If fruits are hard to come by (Panic makes people buy up stuff quickly), a Vitamin C supplement can take it's place. Any bit helps, so you've got lots of options.
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