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Re: Chatter and natter 😍😍

Originally Posted by Blaze View Post
Aye. The reason behind those numbers is rather complex, as most things are.

For starters, the CCP lies to the Chinese people. Creating a false sense of safety that is usually lapped up by the second issue,

The Lost Generation. Those are the children of the Mao Regime. They don't believe in science or western medicine, so if they do get sick, they just use "TCM" (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and go out, spreading the virus among the populace.

There far too many other reasons that go along with the above, like health standards and "saving face," but I won't list them. Just stay safe and keep your immune system strong. The worst has yet to come, but it'll pass eventually.
Yes, I think this is what I will do. I already wash my hands a lot (having hypocondria/nosophobia and OTC since several years helps when a rare pandemic come lol).
In this case I'm not affraid of coronavirus, or even death. I'm affraid of hospitals and needles ^^'. This is the only reason I really want to stay healthy

Do you have some tips to boost immune system?

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