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Re: Should I choose this course?

The 9th is the course, jupiter. In Capricorn, the sign of corporations and responsibilities, in the 6th of work, receiving a trine from moon in the 2nd of money.
So the course could lead to a job, bringing you an income.
However, first moon opposes mercury, the planet of studies, without reception, so it could be disappointing with respect to what you are hoping for. Also, Neptune of delusion is sitting on the 9th cusp.
In the 9th house is Venus with Chiron, ruling your home, family, and your friends. So you will have to be careful in these areas so they don't lead you astray. You as sun are on the 8th cusp, other people's money, maybe looking for a loan for the studies, but in Aquarius it wouldn't be as much as you hope.
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