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Re: Can someone analyse my chart?

Originally Posted by kimbermoon View Post
Your Libra Rising sign can be indicative of creative talent; Venus as ruler is involved in a significant alliance in the 3rd H - communication skills that could succeed through writing in particular, or public speaking even.

The ruler of the 3rd is also Jupiter [expansion, growth, opportunity] placed in the 10th h [career, vocation, public standing] although the benefits of Jupiter may be challenged by Pluto in the 2nd H, requiring some reconciliation of tensions; there may be some significant personal transformations required of you as well, as to your beliefs and values in relation to money / finance.

Jupiter also rules publishing, although Pluto can be disruptive in terms of matters connected with power and control, which could have a detrimental effect on your financial stability. In terms of doing comics you may need to avoid being cynical / sarcastic to avoid public scrutiny; Pluto in Scorpio can dabble in the more negative aspects of life such as crime, manipulation or obsessiveness. As such the humor of Jupiter in Leo can be distracted or distorted by Pluto.

You are now undergoing an important phase of personal testing under an influence where the dice may be stacked against you if you don't attend to the details of what may arise before you. With a stellium of Capricorn energy moving from the 3rd to 4th H [family and domestic matters] , you are now undergoing the combined influence of specific cycles in your life; these include the Saturn Return [the completion of one complete cycle of Saturn -maturity, responsibility], at the same time being intensified by a conjunct with Pluto. When combined these influences can bring about a need for karmic purging that may affect your sense of stability and security.
Thanks a lot for the insight, those are some good points.
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