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Re: Relationship question

Originally Posted by LovelyMissAries View Post
I have a question if I may? How is it favorable when Saturn is not receiving Sun, and they're both in a cadent house?
Hi, Lovely.
Good question.
The way I look at reception [ I don't use Frawley], I see that Saturn does receive Sun; it favors Sun, because Sun is in the sign that Saturn rules.

It is true that the significators are in a cadent house, diminishing accidental dignity. But to me the negative affect of being cadent, is significantly overridden by the two significators being
not only in exact conjunction by degree [partile conjunction]
but also being in especially favorable proximity of within 17 minutes, which is called cazimi.

There will always be positives and negatives.

I think that the positives we list here significantly outweigh the negative of being cadent.

That is just how I see it.

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