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Originally Posted by Kite View Post
Yes the main issues are its 12 house placement which weakens it quite a bit but the main culprit is that Venus is Combust the Sun as it is only 3 degrees away. Without knowing your birthplace, I can't create the chart in my software to see its speed and whether it comes out of the Suns rays within 10 days or not which is how it can be further evaluated. But you're right in that Venus is "burnt up" or disappears so it can't easily be seen due to the power of the Sun. Venus rules your 12 house as well as your 5th house of romance so the weakening effect is there as well.

There is potentially a compensation for these placements as you are consciously aware of the challenges and work "to be seen" in this area of your life. Your Saturn Jupiter conjunction in the 5th house in Libra can also assist as Saturn is exalted in Libra and Jupiter rules your 7th house of marriage/intimate partnership.
Thanks for the insight! I think I have worked on expressing these things but Iím honestly terrible at it. I guess I should put more focus on that. Itís horrifically uncomfortable, but probably good for me.
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