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Re: Weak Venus

Originally Posted by moosebouse View Post
I am trying to make sense of the Venus in my birth chart. It is in Taurus, which should be a strong position, but it is not strong for me. I have yet to read anything about Venus in Taurus (12th house) that is anything like me.

So what weakens a planet that should otherwise be strong? I have two potential culprits:
- opposite aspect to Scorpio Moon - oppositions tend to make one or the other planet have trouble being expressed, right?
- conjunct to Aries sun/mercury/mars group (right on the other side of the cusp) - can a planet be overshadowed by a nearby powerful group? Venus isn't really part of the conjunction because it's not in the same sign, so maybe it just doesn't get expressed?
I looked at your chart from a post you made some time back. Venus is the lesser benefic in a day chart which is what you have, it's also in a cadent house (12) which weakens it. Saturn is also in Taurus and opposes Mars which can be stressful. Saturn does not receive Mars because it is in detriment in Taurus. Mars does not receive Saturn either so this opposition puts your 6th and 12th house in focus -- perhaps health issues which may overshadow Venus also in 12. Venus is also aspecting Mars in Scorpio by sign and Venus does not receive Scorpio because that puts Venus in detriment as well. So Venus is not well aspected nor is it in a good place thus taking away from it's domicile position.
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