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Re: not a math equation, to heart

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
You are apparently a very negative person. Try smiling.

But to call you negative...sounds so negative. Let's call you Yin instead.

If +4-4 is "balanced", and +7-1 is whacko, then a +5-3 split is within the normal range.

What are you trying to find out with these numbers?

G.B. Thanks for the reply.

"Try" indeed, but every time I ever smiled for a photo; it was painfully fake. I chose the name Dark Heart because that is how I have felt since a very young age. At birth I was dropped off at the gate of the Left Hand Path.

My resources do not elaborate on this subject and I would much rather hear answers from individuals than cookie cutter responses from google sources.

Originally Posted by wilsontc View Post

You wrote:

The "+"s and "-"s are NOT a math equation. This indicates how many planets (and your Ascendant) you have in "positive" (active) and how many you have in "negative" (receptive) signs. Having more in receptive signs indicates you need to wait to see how things go and THEN take action. Trying to force actions will be frustrating and probably lead to disappointment. This is all about how you USE the energy you have. Everyone has the same 10 planetary energies (the Ascendant is NOT an energy, so I'm leaving it out of the discussion) but how they USE them differs based, in part on how many active/receptive signs they have.



Tim that is a clear and decisive response thank you. I know an evil woman with a Firey Grand Trine and she has +9 / -2 ... Just trying to understand some of the trends. Cheers.
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