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Re: Struggling with PTSD

Originally Posted by passiflora View Post
Hi. I pulled up your nativity in Astrodienst with 2011 transits.
It looks like that year transiting Uranus crossed your Sun as a transiting Chiron-Neptune entered your 8th house where SN and Mars sit. Transiting node was also square your nodal axis.
Yes, it will end.
Uranus has a good metaphorical overlap with kundalini and you just had some features in your natal and transits that made your awakening a little challenging to assimilate. Neptune square the nodes, you had to wrestle with the demon (potentially psy meds) anyway, but it’s not a life sentence.

At the risk of overstating the obvious the answer would be grounding - 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th house. somatic therapies and practices, regular eating, working out, sleeping. Some people like a therapy called emdr for time-limited traumatic experience. It would just give you a little jump start on reducing the charge of the original experience; it doesn’t work for things like medication side effects.
Thank you so much for your reply! Thankfully much of the energetic nonsense has faded. I struggle with classic PTSD symptoms, psychosomatic stress related issues and ungroundedness---those two are intimately connected.

I've spent close to 100K in therapies, treatment, gurus, etc... I've tried EMDR and like everything else, either does nothing or makes me feel worse because I'm focusing on my problems. I've actually grown a little cynical of the whole treatment world. The only thing that has helped me are meds, grounding meditation, grounding lifestyle and doing my best to not give symptoms any attention.

Is there anything in my chart that says I'll get over this? Sorry, I'm sounding like eeyore here

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