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Struggling with PTSD

I had an incident in December 2011 where after excessive meditation and concentration in my head(many years of intense head centered practice) I had a kundalini awakening and crown opening. The experi be was debilitating and traumatizing. I couldn't function for about the first year and my wife more or less took care of me. I begrudgingly started taking medication and over the past 7 years things has somewhat stabilized. I still deal with energetic issues, PTSD type symptoms and psycho-somatic issues. This period of my life has been hellacious. While I have incrementally made progress I still struggle and wish to get off my antidepressants.

Just wondering, based on my personal Natal/astrologically speaking, what, if anything I can do to help myself? And yes, I've literally tried everything---trying too much has actually become a problem of it's own.

Is there indications in my Natal that I'll get through this? Is there indications in my chart how to get through this? Thank you for your time and support.

I'm using mobile and I don't see an option of attaching files? I'll try to do this on PC later. My info is 3/22/79 1:40pm homewood, Illinois
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