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Re: Is he cheating

Originally Posted by squirrel View Post
I like your interpretation, kalinka, but, although Venus and Mars are indeed in mutual reception, it is Venus who receives Mars and Sun by (her) rulership. Venus rules over Libra, it's her "home" so she receives Mars and not the other way around.

It depends of course, whose explanation on receptions you are following, Frawleys or Lillys, in terms who likes whom based on the dispositor of the planet. I suppose Lillys (the one who is receiving the Planet by rulership or exaltation tend to care more or is obliged to be a good host), if so, then Venus is receiving Mars by her rulership. Since Mars is also receiving Venus in his, the reception is mutual.
Yes and I'm a follower of Frawley :-) I think we don't have to argue it out. Frawleys theory just make more sense for me,that's why I'm using it that way.
Why should someone love me because I'm weak and he has the upper hand? (In Lilly's theory the host loves the guest. But should the guest not be treated like a king? Why , for example sun in Libra is then so weak in his own fall everytime he is in venus' domicile?) According to Frawley: I'm in love and because of that I'm risking to be in that sign even if this makes me vulnerable.

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