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Re: Is he cheating

You are venus and moon. He is mars, the ruler of th 7th house and the sun, as traditonal significator for the man in relationship questions. Sun and mars are in Libra, so they are receiving Venus by rulership.And also mars is in mutual reception with venus. That tells us that he really loves you and his focuse is on you, not on another woman. neptune is placed in his 5th house, which indicates your doubts about he having an affair. I don't see another woman. Sun made a separative sextile to Jupiter and also your moon's last aspect was an opposition to Jupiter. that's why I asked you if you are thinking about a specific woman. So could Jupiter be that third party? I don't think so. Jupiter is strong but don't receive any of your both significators by dignity. Jupiter is in his second and 6th house. That could maybe indicate an issue with his job or money he had. Moon is applying to a trine with the sun, which means a positive outcome for you. Venus also will make only good aspects: sextile to saturn, trine to neptune (doubts will vanish into thin air), conjunction with mercury (maybe you will clarify underlying problems with him?) and sextile to pluto. Moon is in gemini, which is ruled by mercury and indicates that you are currently focused on that information (Is he cheating or not). Since venus and mercury will meet by conjunction, I think you will get your answer.

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