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Re: Is he cheating

No one that I am thinking of .... Just recently found out he did cheat once many years ago. I never knew and never expected. It would have never come out had he not been in a certain position which caused me to look at his progressed charts and find it. Plus he HAD to come clean due to the nature of the situation(long story).But of course, I have doubt now that it was only once??? was it??? I could be wrong though.

Looking at the chart.
First house is me- ruler is Venus.
So I would be Venus.
7th house is Mercury which is him.
Looking at aspects with 1st, 7th and venus, Mercury and the moon.
Venus conjunct Mercury. That is a Yes. So this is where I get confused because Venus is in 6th house with mars and sun.
Moon will be applying to Sun last.
Sun Trine Moon.

The yes or No confuses me at this point. The question is ...Is he cheating on me?

+++We are currently apaprt and will be for a while due to other family issues. I guess you can say I have lost trust.
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