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Is he trying to take advantage of me?

My guy asked me to help run his biz. He said I'll be paid dividends which means I don't get paid a dime if the biz is not profiting. I don't mind helping since I've a lot of free time although I feel iffy about mixing work/romance + the bigger qn is "Is he trying to take advantage of me as free labour? Or is he just trying to create opportunities for us to spend more time together?". He said he wanted my help because he trusts me but I don't know what to think.

I'm Venus in Libra thinking very badly of Mars/Sun (detriment & fall). Mars doesn't seemed to be considering Venus' interest but his co-sig Sun is in Venus' domicile. Can I read this as his real intention is to create opportunities for intimacy? Which I think is a possibility.

Both my sigs are applying trine/sextile to Jupiter which rules 8H/11H. Is this a good sign in this case?

But there's also Uranus on the ASC. Does this show disruptive endings or that the biz will have an unstable start?
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