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Re: North node in 1st house Libra

Iím not too sure about if they are obsessed about beauty, but I have an idea that the north node is more of a life lesson rather than a personís characteristic. So a Libra north nodeís lesson is to balance their life or whatever Libra is associated with. The north node in the 1st could mean that the person should focus more on their self.
My sister has her north node in the 1st house (as well as Virgo). At a young age, her mind was set on helping others (her south node is in the 7th which might be the reason). She is becoming an occupational therapist because our grandma canít move half her body. She volunteers and her job right now is taking care of a person with autism. So in this life, something that she is trying to learn is to be more selfish or be someone who thinks about herself first.
I hope you might find this useful!
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