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Re: How to read transits ?

Originally Posted by ScorpVirgPisc View Post
I need someone to explain how I can read my current transits because I have found the literature to be quite confusing and very complicated. Thanks in advance!
Many parts of Predictive Astrology resemble chart comparison. The sky at any moment is the transiting chart that we all share. What we don't share is the chemistry between our natal chart and the transiting chart. You will have monumental moments that others find inconsequential or minor due to the close contact of a transiting factor to your natal factor.

Do you have any experience comparing two charts? The style can change according to your preference. Some people use a dual chart with an inner chart surrounded by an outer chart, and the inner chart should be your natal chart. Then you look for aspects between factors in transiting chart, the outer chart, to the natal chart, the inner chart. If you can find aspects in your natal chart, then you can find aspects between the transiting chart and the natal chart, your "transits".

Another style is to simply print the locations of transiting planets around the outside of the natal chart wheel.

Your natal chart significators are Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and MC. Aspects between transiting planets and the natal significators are more important. Look there first if care to organize your effort.

Hard aspects, conjunction, square, opposition, semi-square, sesquiquadrate tend to suggest events. Soft aspects trine and sextile tend to refer to states, but don't neglect them. States can lead to actions.

Your natal aspects belong to your character all your life, but the transiting aspects that form between the transiting chart and the natal chart are temporary and they have a time span. Slow-moving transiting planets have a long time span.

Forget trivial transits for now. Transits of fast-moving objects that don't last very long are not important. They describe trivial things. Slow-moving planets that aspect the natal significators are what you really need to study.

What may be strange to you is that you have two planets each. You not only have a natal Venus, but you have a transiting Venus, and one can aspect the other. No one has a Venus-trine-Venus aspect in their natal chart, but you can have one between the transiting and natal charts. It is simple; it merely talks about Venus matters without much complication in such a case as that.
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