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Re: How to read transits ?

It doesn't have to be made so complicated.

First: make SURE you are very familiar with each and every ASPECT. Because the dynamic of a natal aspect is very similar to the dynamic of a transit aspect. That is half the battle. that we know what every aspect means, how do we know which aspects (transits) to look at first and how powerful each IS.

We begin with the furthest out planet. The outer planets are the "stage setters" at any time. This is because the outer planets last a LONG time and nothing happens overnight. As opposed to a Mars aspect....which is not a stage setter but an activator.

So.....first look at Pluto. Make a list of the transits of Pluto. Delineate. Figure out what each aspect to every natal planet MEANS.

Then on to Neptune. Same thing. Then get the picture.

Once you have set this stage and noted which parts of the chart are being supported or undermined, you can identify personally with what is happening. It's important to write these things down and think about each transit as you find and track it. Always note the houses involved. Those houses are the areas of your life which are being affected at any time. Let me say that again: THOSE HOUSES ARE THE AREAS OF YOUR LIFE WHICH ARE BEING AFFECTED AT ANY TIME.

Saturn is very important. Saturn may be in the same vein as the outer planets. Because by the time you delineate the outer planets you will get a "picture" of the TONE of the present energy patterns and if they are supportive or not. But Saturn may be more positive than the energy of the more OUTER planets.

Saturn may MODIFY the energies of the "stage setters". The important thing is to WRITE DOWN every aspect (transit). It can bring strength and new beginnings to an otherwise difficult time.

As you go alonG you will notice if the overall patterns are positive or negative. Supportive or undermining.

Obviously the squares, oppositions, inconjuncts, and even some conjunctions (especially conjunctions involving transit Neptune or transit heavy planets (including Jupiter) TO natal Neptune......are a sign that you are going through a difficult period in the area where these transits occur.

OR you can be in a supportive period where the heavier planets are sextile, trine each other or natal planets.

Going SLOWLY and keeping TRACK of them (using an ephemeris) will make things VERY much easier. Keeping track of the transits of OTHERS - friends, relatives....anyone you know and will let you track them.....will help. Because the MORE you track transits and define them, the easier it gets. You can't learn transits from your chart ONLY.

If you post your chart with current transits I can help you understand them better.

NEVER assume you KNOW what will happen with any particular transit or sets of transits. It takes many many years of study to even begin to be really accurate about transits.

"The universe does not care if it inconveniences you."

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