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Re: i have struggles working with a person born the same day as me.

Originally Posted by Sunny View Post
so what you are describing is the classical behaviour of Aries Sun, loving the competition over all.

Your problem is shown by her North Node, Uranus (!)/ Neptune conjunction in your both 6th house and in Capricorn, the zodiacal 10th and aspecting your Saturn/Moon and superposing Uranus. Uranus in the 10th (Capricorn) is like another Sun and want to have all royal qualities without exception. You two, you have the ambition to win all your goals, like "I came, I saw and I won", so to speak. With your conjunction of Moon and Saturn, you have perhaps the tendency to brake off her initiative what an Aries cannot allow ......
So, with your same tendancies you have to learn each other how to make compromises, if you don't want to be continously in a war.
yes here we must have a compromise because other way we would fight a lot.
when we are together or in a group of people that we know, we are chill but when we are with outside people i see that she is 'jumping around' to be the best and most visible in a group, like a center of attention.

but she likes me and when together we talk normally in a calm way.
she sees i am serious.

i think that now when im going through saturn return i became more serious than ever before and i need to show it . new people see me as a professional and grounded person. i like this state of mind.

i hope we will not fight in a bad way.

thank you
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