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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation


Was your Pisces Grandma a Stevie Wonder fan? Reading your post I heard this song and found this rather dorky slideshow version with lyrics.

Pssssst! We are ALWAYS exactly where we are suppose to be.

AND as well as this being a Jupiter Return, it is Jupiter in the sky opposite Pluto in the sky, Squared Uranus in Aries in the sky, AND Jupiter in the sky opposite your N Uranus Neptune and SATURN! And Jupiter in the sky conjunct your N Chiron!!!!

Plus Mercury is Rx.

Seems like an answer to a problem keeps presenting itself. Only problem is, a lot of these answers, like the home issue being the BIGGEST of this puzzle, are only VERY brief/temporary, or not panning out, period.

You are being protected and guided ala your Pisces Grandma to the perfect Pisces 4th House environment for you. Can't wait to see where this QUEST takes you.

Financially, however, I've been blessed the past couple of years. Blessed, more so recently, not with having an overabundance, but having solutions when the panic starts setting in, lol.

T Pluto (etc) in the 2nd House is blessing you.

I feel like even though I'm addressing my spiritual, mental, physical issues (learning astrology, meditating, A LOT of school, working out), I somehow feel very unbalanced. How is that possible?

Uh, because maybe you still want to believe that little old tiny limited ego-structure you can DO everything? Can do ANYTHING?

Balance happens when you Let Go and Let Goddess - 4th House PISCES.

Also reflecting on your Pisces Grandma and 4th House Pisces, with Aries Questing energy- I recommend that you read this site:
Starting maybe with Carl Jung's Near Death Experience:

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