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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation


Sexual healing? That is brilliant! But of course! I hadn't thought of that! And with Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th House, you are even better at sexually healing others! That DOES sound exciting.

And/but there are all sort of other ways all these archetypes dance in your cosmic Snappy T Square.

First I want to say, "Welcome to your Jupiter Return!" It is an end of a 12 year cycle and the beginning a a new 12 year cycle of your Ruling Planet. The Sage Rising tribe are global citizens here to culture bridge and have a good time.

I feel very privileged to play the role of your life-coach, Jupiter and Saturn. You have natural gifts at life-coaching with a Virgo calling (and Aquairus - radical- NN). Chiron in the 8th House is the mark of an astrologer - among other things.

Stepping back again, checking and reviewing the basics we all know about you, not only from seeing your scope but from reading your posts - 10th House Virgo Sun, with Mars and Mercury in Libra, aoex of that primal Snappy T Square. Also an apex of a YOD Gemini Moon in 7th House! Sage Rising, Virgo Midheaven. Again and again, that huge Snappy T Square illuminating the 2nd, 4th (missing), 8th and 10th Houses! Aquarius NN in 3rd.

MUTABLE and mental, wordy person (VirGem89 or even VirGem 89898989898...), who has lived out of a suitcase and is still moving around a lot ala 20-something Sage Rising tribe!

Very very into career and calling and brave - like how you are taking on academia by writing a paper on astrology.

With a Gem-am-I Moon - ahhhh - in the 7th House - AHHHHH - at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

And your Jupiter aligns with Mars too! A Square however - part of that same Snappy T Square.

Regarding said T Square, first thing we did was focus on that apex Mutable Virgo Sun and shoot it into the 4th House Pisces - and Grandma arrived. Swoooosh.

Next we've been thinking about shooting some Mars and Mercury energy into Aries 4th House and 5th House activities. This energy trines well with your Sage Rising too.

Remember you must WORK this 4th House missing leg. The 2nd, 10th and 8th Houses in the T Square are where so many of your powerful archetypes live. With Squares, they will DO YOU if you try to ignore them. They require energy of you and scheduling too - easy to forget the 4th House, but not the others.

So taking this step by step...2nd House Saturn/Uranus/Neptune. Saturn marks the spot where you feel FEAR. Thus Saturn in the 2nd often means that you got born into scarcity and lack. Also your self esteem was not nurtured. It was restricted (Saturn).

Knowing someone's Saturn is very powerful because you know where they must roll up their sleeves and apply hard work this life. Someone with Saturn on the DES or in the 7th House (like me) will always have challenging partnerships, but year in and year out, we get better and better at our Saturn work until we eventually succeed in Capricornian splendor.

Saturn in 2nd conjunct Uranus and Neptune makes your FEAR (and others born with this conjunction's fear) quazar and spooky - as a kid particularly. All your Mutable mental energy can dream up the worse scenes so quickly. On the other hand, you can experience GRACE, connect with Light Beings, experience prosperity miracles as a normal thing and get that you are being BLESSED moment to moment.

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