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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation


I actually think inconjuncts, AKA quincunxes, are magical. But they aren't comfortable. They remind me of the Hang Man card in the Tarot.

Inconjunct energy rubs and doesn't get along. The tension of an inconjunct doesn't release for a long time, then ping! A cosmic shift happens.

Thus your inneer personality and needs (Moon) are not easily met by your outer personality, given it's needs (Sun). Specifically, 4th House Leos are the Kings/Queens of their domains. But 11th House Aquarums feel strongly that Kings/Queens are a problem this world should be over with already. Since you are all in one body, it does take compromise. You must dedicate equal time to expressing 4th House Leo and 11th House Aquarium, make it OK to disagree and haggle within.

And yes, it also involves compromising with loved ones and family (4th House) and the world, partners/friends/associates/comrads and public (11th House, your hopes and dreams and vision).

Then BAM! At some point, just dealing with the realities of the frictions involved, something gets birthed or created from it - a pearl is the usual metaphor. A win/win situation when people didn't even agree on what the problem was. That sort of thing, within and without.

Here is what Dark Star Astrology says and I think she is right. Does it resonate for you? :
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