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Will I be successful in getting custody of my son if I hire this lawyer

To make an extraordinarily long and painful story short

I'm currently dealing with a ridiculously involved case against my son's father and I ( we are not together he is a junkie) by my son's paternal grandmother who has involved the state. I have been fighting for custody of my son for a year because what was supposed to be a short guardianship as to allow me time to get stable housing which has been the case for a very long time I find myself in a position where my son's grandmother involved the state in an attempt to dissolve my parental rights and adopt my son I've had to fire my court-appointed lawyer because I strongly feel like she was a detriment to my case and now I find myself in search of a lawyer. there's one, in particular, that looks promising although expensive however I'll pay what I have to pay I'll do what I have to do. I'm fairly new to horary astrology so I still don't quite understand a lot of concepts I have drawn up a chart based on should I hire the lawyer in question and will I be successful in some regards to my case gain custody of my son If I do I have used Regiomontanus house system.

Any insight would be great as I just want to clarify my feelings before I do or do not drop 5 grand tomorrow In hiring him

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