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Re: The planets don't influence you

Originally Posted by noraleader View Post
i'd extend this statement to *if* we define ourselves see my sig notes on epistemology...'s difficult to perceive anything if we already have our minds made up about it, and amazingly, if reading cosmology theories on the internet and picking the one you like the most, connects more than experiencing autonomous consciousness, then, one's self definition will always be fallible to where it was sourced.

(..i like the "reflect not influence" concept, if one considers that mirrors may be distorted, tilted at an angle and such.. imo the same thoughts can be applied to any experiential stigma, if planets, why not crickets.)
Sure, but in order to function properly in society, you have to act as a person, i.e. you need an ego and an identity.
“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.” ― J.P. Morgan
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