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Re: The planets don't influence you

Originally Posted by Astro7 View Post
This reminds me of something I've heard and thought about in the past regarding astrology. Most people seem to think that Astrology is about the STARS having INFLUENCE ON US, when in reality I think it is much more likely that the stars and planets may possibly be merely a PARALLEL to what is going on in the universe at any given moment, but the massive objects themselves are NOT THE ACTUAL PHYSICAL INFLUENCERS - if that makes sense.

What I'm saying is that essentially people think the planets themselves are the ones making events happen, but I'm saying that the planets and their positions are simply the visual representation - a map if you will - of how different energies are currently interacting and exerting force in the universe - so it is a visual guide - not that the actual gravitational force of each specific planet is having a physical effect on humans from Earth.

Gravitation as the major force is way too weak anyway. I think we can rule that out as the major factor. A mechanical model cannot explain astrology. There are other models of the cosmos like the Electric Universe model which points to a force that is several billion times more powerful than gravity. With that model things make a lot more sense but it still can't explain astrology. A model that can't explain reincarnation can't explain astrology either. So I wouldn't count on science.
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