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Re: Tough love vs. Softness

Originally Posted by Frisiangal

Have Moon bi-quintile Uranus and astrology to thank for that ?
Originally Posted by Sagcap88 View Post
I forget what bi-quintile looks like but my moon makes an aspect to Uranus with a symbol that looks like a dash with a v on top. My 5th house moon also trines my retrograde Taurus Jupiter in the 9th at exactly 0 degrees so I’m not sure how that plays in.
What you describe is the glyph for a 30 degrees separation semi-sextile aspect. It's said to be a minor aspect referring to 'effort required to do something/bring into being'; a nudge rather than the big push. Moon-Uranus? Effort needed to effect emotional change?
Had the v been under the dash, it would have been an inconjunct/quincunx aspect (150 degrees) that would have made the big push felt and more urgent.

I'm thinking that Uranus must be in Sagittarius rather than Aquarius, meaning you've passed the Saturn return beginning at 29 yrs. old which, through rulership, would influence a Moon in Capricorn? Especially as secondary progressed Moon's own return occurs a year or so before.

Retro. Jupiter could suggest going by Taurus facts and practicality to feel safe and secure. This would allow improvement and development through experience. Could be hard because the conditioning of old behaviour patterns in Moon are so ingrained that it takes the pneumatic drill (Uranus?) to dislodge them and their influence….. as i discovered.
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